Thanks for Joining Me!

Amy GLI.4

Welcome! Thanks for joining me at Amy Common Sense Southern. I’m an educator by day, blogger by night, and aspiring YouTuber. If you’re reading this blog post, you’ve found me because you’re interested in eating better, feeling better, and living better. Maybe you want to start a weight loss journey or you’re trying to maintain. Do you enjoy finding new healthy recipes and talking about kitchen tools and gadgets? Over time I hope to share the experiences about living this crazy life, and what I’ve learned, that might save you some trouble and heartache. I’d also like to share my other interests as I experience them. As the main shopper in my household I’ve gotten pretty good at it. Let’s find the best stuff out there and compare notes! Like you, I love to try new things and experiences, and share how they’ve worked out for me. I think we’ll have lots of things in common to talk about, and I look forward to getting your feedback. I wish you the best!

By the way, I mentioned above that I’m an aspiring YouTuber. I’ve created a channel, and will post companion content. I’ll let you know when I get around to posting a video.




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