Calculating WW Points in Hello Fresh Pork Cutlet

How do you calculate the WW points in a meal delivery kit like Hello Fresh? I wanted to see how the points calculation turned out doing it two different ways. I received in one of my weekly kits the Maple and Rosemary Glazed Pork Cutlets.

Usually when I get my delivery I choose one pork meal, one chicken breast meal, and one fish meal. The pork meal seemed most interesting to me to try my experiment since fish and chicken breast are 0 WW points.

Calculating WW points based on putting all ingredients in my WW recipe builder, including the butter/oil that the recipe said that I would need to add, I got 20 points.

Putting the nutrition information for the recipe from the Hello Fresh web site into the points calculator, plus adding in points for butter/oil I got 33 points.

In either situation, 33 or even 20 points is a lot for a dinner in the WW world, turning what seemed at first to be a healthy meal into a WW points bomb! I loved the meal, but it wasn’t where I needed to be in points for a regular week night dinner. I think a couple of the major culprits are the couscous and the mayonnaise-based dressing for the salad.

Ingredients in the box: 



pork cutlet

maple syrup




white wine vinegar

chicken stock concentrate

spring mix lettuce


Nutrition Values/ per serving “as prepared”
Energy (kJ)  3138 kJ
Calories  750 kcal
Fat  35 g
Saturated Fat  15 g
Carbohydrate  65 g
Sugar  25 g
Dietary Fiber  3 g
Protein  38 g
Cholesterol  130 mg
Sodium  420 mg

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