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What I Wish I Knew Before Starting WW… or any weight loss journey

Things I wish I knew before starting a WW, or any weight loss journey:

1. Plan! This is so obvious, but I wish I had learned to be more intentional about it. I was pretty good at tracking and keeping a food journal, but I was horrible at planning. I need to do a better job. Goals!

2. WW may change the plan, but it will be OK… Over the years that I’ve been in and out of Weight Watchers, or WW, they’ve revamped their plans and changed the points values on dairy, proteins. Some carbs like beans and corn are currently 0 Smart Points when they used to count. Even the name given to points has changed. I’ve seen plain old Points, Points Plus, and now Smart Points on Freestyle. It doesn’t matter what they call it, because they’ve changed the numbers of points that you can have in a day accordingly as they’ve adjusted the points values of food. Relax and trust the process. They know what they’re doing!

3. Food isn’t the most expensive part… it’s the clothes. The best I can tell you is to make thrift stores, consignment stores, and discount retailers your friend. Think Goodwill and TJ Maxx. As you lost weight you don’t want to look baggy, and clothes that are designed to be tailored and fitted are really uncomfortable when they don’t fit. When you wear something that fits after being baggy, people will notice and compliment you. Speaking of people expressing their opinions…

4. Well-meaning people will say things to you that hurt without it being intentional. For example, “You look so much better!” Better than what? Really? I didn’t think I looked horrendous before; losing weight was just as much about my health.

5. Find an exercise program that you love, but it does not need to be on day 1! I am not giving you an excuse NOT to exercise on this one. I’m just saying that it might make you feel less overwhelmed to implement change, and thus stick with your new plan, if you take a gradual approach. For example, if you eliminate sodas, eat less, eliminate foods you love (unnecessary self-imposed torture, by the way), and workout hard every day starting on Monday, you won’t last. Trust me.

Take it easy, don’t be too hard on yourself, but do something. Good luck!